Class options

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Let Emergency Medical Training Solutions know.
We will create a custom class for you!

Please contact us to schedule a continuing education class. All classes can be held at your location.

  • Choose two weekend days (do not have to be concurrent)
  • Choose times - usually 10 hour days (don’t forget 1 hour for lunch)
  • Choose courses - pick from our list of continuing education classes to tailor our class to your needs

Other Classes Available

ACLS for EMT-Basic's- Basic/Intermediate8 hours
EMT Paramedic Assistant6 hours
EMT Paramedic Assistant Refresher3 hours
First Responder

24 hour &

40 hour

classes available

Continuing Education Classes
Albuterol- Basic/Intermediate3 hours
Anaphylaxis- All levels2 hours
Aspirin- All levels1 hour
Baby Safe Haven- All levels1 hour
Behavioral Emergencies- All levels2 hours
Burns- All levels2 hours
Care of the Neonate & Newborn- All levels3 hours
Chest Pain- Basic/Intermediate2 hours
Child Abuse- All levels2 hours
Comfort Care DNR's- All levels2 hours
Communicable Diseases- All levels3 hours
Compartment Syndrome- All levels2 hours
Respiratory Emergencies- All levels2 hours

Cyanide Poison

(Responding to the Responders)- All levels

2 hours
Death and Dying- All levels3 hours
Dialysis- All levels2 hours
Elder Abuse- All levels2 hours
Environmental Emergencies- All levels3 hours
Geriatric Trauma- All levels2 hours
Heat Emergencies & Fire Rehab- All levels3 hours
Hypothermia- All levels1 hour
Motorcycle Accidents- All levels2 hours
OBGYN Emergencies- All levels2 hours
Pandemic Flu (Swine Influenza)- All levels2 hours
Patient Assessment- All levels2 hours
Pediatric Trauma- All levels3 hours

Responding When the Police Call

(Officer Down)- All levels

2 hours
Sickle Cell Crisis/Thyroid Storm- All levels3 hours