We are dedicated to educating the public, our fellow healthcare and other emergency service professionals.

Our instructional staff has experience as both Fire and Emergency Medical Service |EMS Instructors and a combined total of over 100 years of Pre-hospital field experience. We pride ourselves on utilizing subject matter experts in various portions of the program such as anatomy and physiology, haz-mat, infection control, special population patients and ambulance operations etc...

Our teaching staff work in several of the ambulance services and fire based municipal services in Central Massachusetts.  All of EMTSolutions instructors are currently working the "road" with a minimum of 5 years of pre-hospital experience.

Emergency Medical Training Solutions is accredited by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Office of Emergency Medical Services as an EMS training institution.  Our programs meet or exceed all requirements established by the Department of Transportation/National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (DOT/NHTSA) and amended by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  We have met a stringent set of criteria as far as our programs, our staff, and our equipment are concerned.  We have not only met the minimum set of criteria, but we make every effort to exceed those minimums whenever and wherever we can.  For you, this means we offer an exciting, vibrant program.

The Emergency Medical Profession is not an easy one.  With this in mind, our programs are designed to challenge students in not only the academics of EMS but also the clinical and "critical thinking" that is required of an EMT|Emergency Medical Technician.

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For more information on our accreditation, please consult the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) list of accredited training institutions.

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